Erik (26)

Instrument: Vocals

Bands: The Devil wears Prada, Architects, Adept, Of Mice and Men, Breakdown of Sanity, Killswitch Engage

"We are the sun and the sea and the mountain

We are the children who still can believe

We have faith we have hope we have answers

In our heart is where we are free"

Equipment: Sennheiser e845S

Toni Haase (25)

Instrument: Drums

Influences: Alex Rudinger, Matt Halpern, Jay Postones, Steffen Klämbt

Equip: Pearl Masters Premium - Twilight Fade

20x18 Bassdrum

Toms: 16x16 Floortom,14x14 Floortom,12x8 Floortom

Tama Warlord Spartan Snare 14x6

Paiste Twenty Custom Collection

Cymbals: 22'' Full Ride,16'' Full Crash,18'' Full Crash,14'' Metal Hats,10'' Thin Splash,Paiste Rude,18'' China

Pedal: Pearl P-3002D Demon Double Pedal

Sticks: Drumcraft Hickory 5A

Drum Heads: Evans Black Chrome

Dustin (25)

Instrument: Bass

Influences: Arif Mirabdolbaghi, Dan Briggs, Evan Brewer, John Myung, Alain Caron, Les Claypool, Ilja Lappin

Bands: Between the buried and me, Whitechapel, Tesseract, The Hirsch Effekt, Dream Theater, Enter Shikari & Protest the Hero

"Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrtum!"

"Stay & be true"

Equipment: Ibanez SR-505

Micha (25)

Instrument: Keys

Macht hier und da mal krach, wenn noch was in den Song passt.

Influences: eher aus Richtung der elektronischen Tanzmusik.

Equipment: Synthesizer - Waldorf Blofeld

Masterkey - Fatar Studiologic SL-1100

Lorenz (20)

Instrument: Guitar

Influences: John Petrucci, Marco Sfogli, Andy James, Jason Richardson, Rick Graham, Chris Feener, Per Nilsson, Tom Quayle

Bands: Dream Theater, Persefone, Intandem, Mandroid Echostar, Katatonia, Threat Signal, City in the Sea

„Music is not a competition.And if it was, John Petrucci won!“

Equipment:Ibanez RGD321,Laney Ironheart,Marshall 4x12 Cab

Carl (20)

Instrument: Guitar

Influences: Kyle Mcknight, Tosin Abasi, John Browne, Acle Kahney

Bands: Threat Signal,Animals as Leaders,Between the Buried and Me, As I Lay Dying, Thy Art is Murder, War from a Harlots Mouth, Gojira

Best Lyrics: Darkest Hour - With a thousand words to say but one

Equipment: Epiphone "Black Beauty", Marshall JCM 2000 - TSL 100, Marshall cab 4 x 12,Dead Horse Deluxe - Protone Pedals, Boss NS-2, Boss GE7, Sennheiser EW 172 G3

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